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HCK - Horrified Creative Kittens

What's needed to connect?

The typical. Java 64-bit, of course, and Technic Launcher. This can be found here:

Once you have downloaded and installed the pre-requisites -- launch the Technic Launcher and search for Horrified Creative Kittens in the search bar on the top left.

After searching, you should see a Install button on the bottom right of the launcher.

**This modpack uses 4-5GB RAM. This is not including the use of Shaders or high-end texturepacks! However, your results will vary.


Once the download is completed and you went through the install process, make sure you change in Options the Java Ram Settings from default 1GB to at least 4GB - 5GB RAM.

You will have constant crashing, with 1GB default ram, when loading the game.

Do I need to download extra mods to play?

No additional mods or addons are needed at this moment.

Everything will be updated by Technic Launcher unless you prefer to use your own client-sided mods.

Keep in mind that any client-side mods you add on your own will be deleted upon updating the modpack when a update is pushed.